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Sherpa Pet Carrier Bags For Your Pet

No matter what you do, if you have a small or big pet, you will need a way to safely transport them from one place to another. It is also different if you are taking them to another state using an airplane. It is why I love sherpa pet carrier bags. They are certified for airplane flight. This is really important because airlines will not take a pet that is not in a certified cage or bag. It is because the pet can get injured and other things can also happen. It is best that the pet is in a secure and very comfortable place during the flight.

Sherpa Pet Carrier

1. Sherpa Pet Delta Air Lines Deluxe Pet Carrier - Sherpa Deluxe Dog Carrier - Delta Airline Approved Dog Carrier - The safe and comfortable way to travel with your pets! Luggage quality, deluxe dog carrier for small pets is airline approved for underseat use. Stylish, lightweight design conforms with commercial airline carry-on specifications.

2. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier, Medium, Black - Locking zipper to prevent accidental escape. Mesh panels for ventilation, includes a seat belt security strap and shoulder strap. Top and side entry. bag can be spot cleaned. Removable machine washable comfort liner. Side storage pockets for leash and keys.

3. Sherpa Orginal Deluxe Large Navy Pet Cat Dog Carrier Airline Approved 20”l X 11.5”h X 11.75”w Max Weight 22lbs - This carrier is airline approved please check with your airline as they all have size requirements that are different depending on airline. This bag has mesh panels for ventilation. top and side entry. fits comfortable under most airline seats, includes convenient shoulder strap.

4. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, Large, Black - The distinctly sophisticated Bergan Soft-Sided Comfort Carrier is intended to make travel as easy and as relaxed as possible for both you and your pet. It is designed especially to be carried through busy airports, and features a padded shoulder strap and many convenient pockets all around the carrier.

Amazing Benefits

  • removable faux lambskin liner machine washable
  • airline approved, please measure your pet.
  • for pets up to 16lbs bag dimensions 18”Long x 10.5”high x 11” wide
  • length is from nape of neck to base of tail height is from the floor to top of shoulder

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